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We are proud to announce our first book release through our
fantasy & horror imprint, Dark Wolf Press.

MAYHEM: Demigod Daughter Awakened,
by E.V. Borjon is out now!



from Dark Wolf Press



Book 1 in the Legacy Lost series

Her life was a lie. Death is probable.

     Besides the hallucinations, Ellie Martinez is a normal, aimless fifteen-year-old just trying to make it through high school in one piece. wild hallucinations become all too real and deadly.

     When she learns of the her mother was so desperate to keep from her, Ellie must decide whether to hide her identity or embrace her Arcane heritage. She doesn’t get long to decide before she’s the target of a dark, vengeful goddess with plans to remake the world.

     As those close to her get hurt, she will need to trust her new supernatural friends if she’s anyone. With everything on the line, Ellie has two choices - play by the rules and live in hiding or break their rules to save her world.

Mayhem: Demigod Daughter Awakened is the first book in paranormal fantasy series with a South Texas twist. If you like an irreverent coming-of-age with mythical creatures, portals, and heroic quests, then you’ll enjoy E.V. Borjon's brand new American mythology series.

Pick up Mayhem: Demigod Daughter Awakened to discover this exciting new series today!


E.V. Borjon

E.V. Borjon is a young adult fantasy author from San Antonio, Texas. Ten years in the Marine Corps, two years in the Army reserve as a Combat Medic, and seven weirdly wonderful kids have provided her with plenty of stories to tell. When she’s not telling stories, she plays trumpet and video games; has interests in genealogy, futurism; and willfully explores haunted places, renaissance fairs, and comic cons. She’s happily married to her superhero, David, aka Batman.

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